Executive Board Members

The 2020 - 2022 OHCRA Executive Board is comprised of these dedicated men and women.

Board Members are available for questions or comments by clicking here.

PresidentLapule Schultz
Siana Hunt
Cheryl Campbell
Recording Secretary
Lisa Ho
Corresponding Secretary
Pua Paiaina
Race Director
Luana Froiseth
Race Secretary
Yvette Akamu

In honor of a request from the Molokai community, this year`s Molokai Hoe has been postponed in favor of an O`ahu based World Championship race.

Additional information about the planned OHCRA World Championships and celebration of canoe racing will be forthcoming and we look forward to sharing these exciting details.
All comments and concerns can be directed to info@molokaihoe.com
Mahalo NUI!

O`ahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association